VTCT Level 4 Certificate in Laser and IPL treatments can provide you with the exceptional skills required to become a professional in this highly unique and upcoming area of expertise. In addition to this students will learn the basic health and safety precautions for operating laser technology in the salon. 

As part of this qualification you are required to produce a portfolio of evidence. A portfolio will confirm the knowledge, understanding and skills that you have learnt. It may be in electronic or paper format.

In this qualification you will develop an understanding of managing safe working practices and how to identify and control hazards. You will also learn how to identify hair and skin conditions and those clients suitable for intense light and laser system treatments.

Day 1

Core of knowledge

  • Laser Physics
  • Definition of Laser
  • Laser Generator
  • Laser Delivery Systems
  • Interactions of Laser Light With Tissue
  • Examples of Laser Types
  • Types of Laser Tissue Interaction
  • Effects of Laser Radiation on the Eye


Full Salon Health & Safety.

Establishing a safe environment.

Regulatory issues and government requirements

Laser safety issues for the patient and the operator


Laser Classification

  • The difference between Laser and IPL.
  • Types of medical and hair removal lasers – How to choose the right laser
  • Characteristics of laser,
  •  Marketing your laser business for success
  • All relevant equipment,
  • Laser parameters (wavelength, chromophore, pulse duration, selective photothermolysis, repetition rate, spot size, energy setting) and their effect upon results.
  • Operating laser machine system,


Day 2

 Skin and hair biology

  • Skin diseases & disorders.
  • A&P relating to skin
  • The causes and definitions of hair growth, hair and effects of hormones
  • Different types of hair growth.
  • Skin typing


Carrying out a consultation

  • Patient consultation and communication
  • Detailed paperwork
  • Skin typing and the impact on laser settings
  • Consent forms – everything you need to know.
  • information including medical contra-indications
  • pre treatment considerations inc skin and hair type
  • client medical history
  • Circumstances in which a doctor’s referral or approval is required
  • Drugs list for either not treating client or test patch with
  • aftercare and homecare advice.
  • The correct use of ‘Treatment Log books’
  • All laser treatments are logged and dated to record any changes to medication, areas treated, fluency of each treatment, number of shots used per treatment, evaluation of each treatment and cost of each treatment.


  • patch testing procedure
  • Treatment protocols,
  • effectiveness of treatments
  • length between sessions,
  • Conditions to be treated
  • Safe parameters of laser machines for effective treatments
  •  Describing the physical sensation of the treatment to the client
  • Adverse reactions and what to do
  • Treating acne, rosacea, thread veins, pigmentation with laser/IPL systems
  • Tattoo removal with Laser
  • Incorporating peels with your laser treatments


Day 3 – 5 Practical

  • How to prepare client for treatment
  •  Extensive hands-on practice on laser systems
  • Full demonstrations to laser treatments.
  • Practice sessions for students to perform laser hair removal treatments on various areas and hair types.
  • Practice sessions for students to perform laser thread vein removal treatments
  • Practice sessions for students to perform laser photo-rejuvenation and  Photo-Rejuvenation to help treat the following: Fine lines and wrinkles – Age Spots – Sun Spots and Freckles – Sun Damaged Skin – Acne Breakouts, – Pigmentation marks. Redness of the face – Red Neck and calm rosacea and decreases pore size. Product knowledge to skin types and professional products used. 
  • Laser Tattoo removal
  • Combining Laser / Light treatments with chemical peels
  • Combining Laser / Light treatments with Derma rolling

Day 6

Salon management

  • Registering your clinic
  • Maintaining correct paperwork
  • Incident procedures
  • Statement of purpose
  • Policies and procedures
  • Local rules


Course duration 6 days: 10:00-5pm



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