What is a NVQ/ VRQ qualification?

NVQ Level 4 Training is a certificate of higher education (HNC). It is equivalent to BTEC award, certificate and diploma. NVQ is more practical than assessments. VRQ consists of both assignments, exams and practical assessments. NVQ is now being phased out to be replaced by VRQ in 2016


Why do I need Level 4 Laser Training?

In 2018 a EU mandate is hoped to be released stating all registered laser clinics must ensure any therapist working with a laser machine must be Level 4 trained. Due to the number of cases from laser burns, most reputable, reliable insurance companies are insisting that a laser therapist must have this qualification. Also most boroughs in London along with a number of boroughs outside of London are now regulating Laser and Skin clinics, ensuring all users of Laser machines have a level 4 qualification.


Even if I am experienced in laser do I need to the Level 4 Laser Training?

Yes, however you may not need to do every day of the course. This will depend on how experienced and how many qualifications you may have. We find, at Advance, that experienced therapists enjoy the course most as everything slots together easier and some questions may be answered.


What to look for in a Laser course?

Experience- If your teacher is not experienced with Laser then how can she/he teach you? Feel free to question the previous experience of the educators, otherwise you will just be book learning. Also I find little anecdotes of life experiences make it easier to remember information

Group Size – The Laser course contains an intense amount of information. Questions will be asked throughout the course.  If you have a large group, it is harder for some students to learn. At Advance we do not teach groups over 6, thus ensuring everyone has a chance to learn and ask questions.

Location – Class room or work setting? A working clinic environment will give you an idea how a clinic works and what it looks like. This is an invaluable experience for people intending to open a business.

Laser, IPL or both – The level 4 laser training MUST include practical experience on both a Laser and IPL. Even if you are not working with a Laser, you may buy one in the future so it is imperative that you have this training under your belt.

Extended practical experience – What if you do the laser training and do not work with the machine for a while? Maybe after the 6 days you would like some more practical experience? At Advance we welcome back our students at no extra cost. We want everyone who finishes the course to be fully confident and competent.

Accredited or certificate course? Ensure that the course you are going to complete is a Level 4 certificated course. A lot of courses are claiming endorsed level 4. This does not mean ANYTHING. It must be NVQ/VRQ/BTEC certificated qualification A BTEC Level 5 Qualification is equivalent to a VRQ Level 4 Qualification


Will I have follow up support after the course?

At Advance, after the course you will be given access to the student area. In this you can download material like consultation and consent forms to use as you require. We also have a full back up system, if you email us with any problems we will be there to help.



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